MacKay Hannah helps you to Influence policy making, Inform policy development, Connect with decision makers and build Networks.

Who We Are

We were founded in 2003 by Angus MacKay and Gail Hannah. Angus MacKay is a former Member of the Scottish Parliament where he served as Minister for Finance and Local Government in the Scottish Cabinet and, previously, as Deputy Justice Minister. Gail Hannah has an extensive background in Scottish local government where she has lead a ruling administration office and in the Scottish Parliament in which she lead both parliamentary and constituency offices.

What We Do

We focus on the public policy issues which present challenges and opportunities to organisations and individuals working in Scotland today. Primarily through face-to-face and online conferences and webinars, we provide a platform for informed discussion, debate and networking together with leading contributing figures in each policy field.

We work with public, private and third sector partners and academic institutions and individuals to deliver conferences, webinars and other events led by both the most senior and most informed figures, usually with Ministerial keynote speakers.

We cover all themes with the focus being on subjects which currently are, or will be imminently, driving significant legislative, policy or spending change.

What We Cover

Our events provide opportunities to engage with policy development, influence the decision makers and ensure that policy and expenditure translates into effective practice. Whether you are a delegate, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor we help you to Influence policy making, Inform policy development, Connect with decision makers and build your Networks.

We have a range of partnership opportunities for each of our events for speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.  If you would like to enquire about any of these or would like to discuss conference or webinar themes, please contact us at or call 0131 556 1500.

MacKay Hannah is based in Edinburgh.

The need for good quality policy discussion in Scotland has never been greater. Facing the consequences of Covid, Brexit and war in Ukraine we need to think and act carefully to protect Scotland's interests across its private, public and Third sectors. I always find MacKay Hannah conferences are worth participating in, whether as a Chair, Speaker or attendee because the policy discussion and participants are excellent.